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  1. How the Calcium Paradox Baffles Bone Beliefs Diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis are rather hidden -- out of sight out of mind for many of us. But osteoporosis ? We've all seen an older neighbor with a bowed back or known an elderly relative whose health quickly tumbled downhill after breaking a hip. The specter of our...
  2. Seven Ways Salt Impacts our Health With respect to sodium intake, the best advice may be to wait until we're seated at the table to shake on the salt -- if we choose to salt our food at all. Most of us like the flavor of salt. If we haven't been diagnosed with high blood pressure, is there any reason...
  3. Part II: Do Plant-Based Diets Need Supplementing? Fear of weak bones is what drives concerns about calcium intake. But calcium alone doesn't build strong bones. Exercise, Vitamin D, and a variety of vitamins and minerals from whole plant foods all strengthen our skeletal system. As the muscles work during exercise, they pull on the bones, signaling our bodies to build up...
  4. Dr. Michael Klaper Answers Common Questions You will enjoy the below 26 minute video of Michael Klaper MD. Dr. Klaper speaks passionately about his past, and how his memories of growing up on a dairy farm influenced him towards transitioning to a more compassionate and health-supporting diet. A few of the topics Dr. Klaper covers are: Cow's milk was designed...
  5. Diet and Osteoporosis, The Broken Bone Business

    This is an excellent one hour presentation given by Dr. John McDougall.  In this video, "Diet and Osteoporosis, The Broken Bone Business," Dr. McDougall disputes the major medical treatments for osteoporosis using solid scientific research. This video will explain what osteoporosis is, how dairy promotes it, and what the current medical system prescribes to treat it. Dr. McDougall addresses the harms caused by these treatments and discusses how to rebuild bone mineral density using diet and lifestyle changes.

    This powerful message is unknown to the public, but well known among research scientists. 

  6. Cow's Milk is Baby Calf Growth Fluid

    Out of the 5,000 different mammalian species, human beings are the only mammals that continue to drink milk after weaning, and then drink it from another species.

    There are several reasons why we do so. For example, we were taught in school and by our parents that we needed milk to build strong bones and teeth. We are also influenced by dairy commercials on TV, and of course, why argue.... we enjoy the taste of ice cream, cheese, and yogurt! Lastly, we tend to follow cultural norms, never stopping to think and question their validity or why we do them.

    Dr. Michael Klaper grew up on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin where he began milking cows when he was 8 years old. Since then, Dr. Klaper realized that, "The purpose of cow's milk is to turn a 65-pound calf into a 700 pound cow as rapidly as possible. Cow's milk IS baby calf growth fluid. No matter what you do to it, that is what the stuff is. Everything in that white liquid - the hormones, the lipids, the proteins, the sodium, the growth factors like IGF-I are all there to start that calf growing into a great big cow, or else they would not be there. Whether you pour it on your cereal as a liquid, churn it into butter, curdle it into yogurt, ferment it into cheese, or add sugar and freeze it to make ice cream... It's baby calf growth fluid!"

    Read the article by Dr. Michael Klaper here.

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  7. Discovering Dairy Alternatives Most of us grew up believing that milk plays an important role in the development of strong bones and teeth.  Studies reveal however , that the countries that consume the most dairy products have the highest incidence of bone fractures . In contrast, those countries that consumed the least amount of dairy had the...


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