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Central Texas Flu

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Not Immune to the Flu!
The Flu in Central Texas can be quite severe. There were fatalities in Central Texas in 2008. The very young and the very old are the most at risk. However, nobody is immune from getting the flu. AllMedPhysicians is proud to provide Flu Tracking for Buda, Texas, courtesy of

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Here to Help!
Please consider letting the professionals at AllMedPhysicians, pLLC vaccinate your family against the flu, for those of you who take flu shots. We bill your insurance, unlike most pharmacies that ask you for payment in full up front. Even if you feel young and strong and invincible the chances are that you encounter young people, old people and other more fragile people in your daily walk who could still get the flu from you! Many people, from young to old, come to AllMedPhysicians for their flu shots. We are happy to be able to provide flu shots for all members of your family from age three and up.