TeleVisits Available Now:  Some insurers now pay for TeleVisits, so write to us via the Patient Portal to give your permission for us to call and collect your Co-Pay. Then we can schedule your AudioVisual TeleVisit with Dr. Carney for your refills or advice on staying safe from illness until we can again offer in-person office visits, (hopefully) on June 1.

Covid-19 Testing No Longer Available at this time:  Drive-through testing for COVID-19 was available (when we had tests) by appointment only, which you could have requested by writing to us via the patient portal. Write to us via our Patient Portal, then watch for our written reply, as the high volume of calls currently prevents us from answering the phone or calling back.

How You Can Help:  Primary health is on the front line of a battle we can’t win unless our patients help us streamline communications. That means watch the portal for replies, keep TeleVisits short and organized (ready with questions written down, ready to take notes on answers)

Buda Martial Arts

Soft Answer Tai Chi

Published in Buda Martial Arts

Tai Chi is a "Soft Style" martial art that can be learned for self defense or simply as a way to increase strength, balance, relaxation and flexibility. Classes are taught by Sean Carney and are conducted at the AllMedPhysicians office every Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm.

For more Class Information visit the web site for Soft Answer Tai Chi at or on the Facebook page at

Profits from Soft Answer Tai Chi classes are Donated to Orphans.


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