Practice Closing May 31, 2020:  Some insurers may pay for PhoneVisit before the lockdown officially ends, but we never know when insurers will decide to no longer pay for PhoneVisits. If you have questions, need refills, or just want to give or receive verbal support, write via portal your permission for us to call to collect your co-Pay and bill your insurer for a 5 minute PhoneVisit. No more in-person visits.

Covid-19 Testing No Longer Available:  Our drive-through COVID-19 testing program is now closed, as I no longer can acquire enough Protective Equipment or cleaning supplies to see you in person. Thank you for trusting me with your healthcare. I will miss the privilege of caring for you. Write via portal to schedule your PhoneVisit before May 8, 2020. Print your records digitally now from our Patient Portal.

How You Can Help:  Primary Care needs your help in this pandemic battle, by streamlining communications: Write via portal, watch portal for answers instead of expecting a call back, keep PhoneVisits short, and prepare for PhoneVisits by remaining organized (ready with questions written down, ready to take notes on answers). Do not use previously obtained order-slips. FoodCoaching still available at

Contact Us

Address: 1760 FM 967, Suite B  Buda, TX 78610

Telephone: (512) 295-7877 Medical Office Phone
Fax: (512) 295-4777 Medical Office Fax

To Schedule and Appointment with Dr. Carney?: Please call (512) 295-7877

Appointments (non-urgent) can also be rquested through Logging in to our Patient Portal.

Questions about Billing?: Please call our office at (512) 295-7877

Billing Fax: (512) 295-4777

Our Mailing Address to Send Payments is:
AllMedPhysicians, pLLC
1760 FM 967, Suite B
Buda, TX 78610

Want to send us eMail?: Secured email communications is now available to our patients through the Patient Portal.

Potential new patients can also Pre-Register and request to become our patient. For more information please visit our Patient Portal page.

The Patient Portal will also allow for viewing of lab results, appointment requests and more.

We will be maintaining and managing the Patient Portal, including any patient requests made through the Patient Portal, during our normal business hours which are posted on our AllMedPhysicians, pLLC Web Site. Please allow 48 business hours for us to reply.

If your need is urgent, during regular business hours, please call us at: (512) 295-7877.

If your need is an emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

We removed the email form from off of this web page because patients were sending personal Medical Issues through the form which was NOT HIPAA Compliant since the online form did NOT protect patient privacy, due to being sent through unsecured email.

For Door to Door Directions to, or from, our office please input your address in the forms on the Driving Directions pages.

Want Airrosti with Dr. Wirtz?: Please call (800) 404-6050



Use of this websites is for informational purposes only and does not contain medical advice or create a Physician/Patient relationship between you and Linda Carney MD.

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