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Dr. Carney and Medical Assistants at Thanksgiving Dr. Carney and Medical Assistants at Thanksgiving From Left to Right: Olivia, Dr. Carney, Jennifer, Paige, Miranda and Emily

Many people comment to us about the high caliber of our staffing at AllMedPhysicians, pLLC. The reason is because Dr. Carney's hires four year college graduates who are working towards becoming a health professional such as a Physician, Physicians Assistant or a Nurse. The upside is the staff are all very intelligent and highly motivated. What they learn from Dr. Carney helps them to gain entrance to the schools of their choice. All the Medical Assistants are cross trained to learn all apsects of running a medical practice including working the reception desk, taking vitals, scribing in exam rooms, ordering supplies and even assisting with billing. The downside of this arrangement is that the staff usually are only with Dr. Carney for about two years. But, that is a very small downside as Dr. Carney considers mentoring and training these young people to be an integral part of her mission statement. They also learn how lifestyle and health relate to healing. Many of our previous employees are already in Medical and Physician Assistants School. The staff in this picture are all promising and we expect them to have bright futures and appreciate greatly their working for us now!

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