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When time permits, we welcome visits by appointment with pharmacists, physicians, and pharmaceutical representatives who bring discount coupons & sample medicines that help our patients defray the cost of medicines. Please call ahead to schedule a couple of minutes appointment prior to visiting us, as we are attempting to provide excellent care to the patients who have scheduled their appointments with us already.
Call 512-295-7877 for more information.

Simply Healthy Please

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We respectfully request that any food items brought to our office be Natural Foods and Plant Based. We appreciate Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains and Nuts that have not been roasted or salted. We wish to avoid all refined food products such as those containing any white flour, refined sugar, caffeine or alcohol.

As well, we prefer that you do not bring chocolate or any other candies or pastries. And, we request that you do not bring any meats, dairy products, and caffeinated or carbonated beverages in to the office. These types of refined foods are accepted graciously by us but then generally end up being thrown away.

Thank you very much for respecting our dietary preferences!

PS. We love uncut and unprepared fresh fruits!


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