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Care Philosophy

DrCarney headSQ WhiteBack.120x120.optLinda Carney MD helps you to prevent and reverse disease! So many health problems are worsened by lifestyle habits, such as inappropriate nutrition, inadequate sleep, drinking, smoking, lack of exercise and stretching, as well as negative thought patterns. Dr. Carney helps patients prevent and reverse disease through balanced lifestyle changes, and in particular, demonstrates how to implement anti-inflammatory, high fiber, nutrient dense plant-based, Starch-Smart® dietary changes. She also prescribes medicines when necessary or when her patients choose not to believe that certain foods or habits contribute to illness.

AllMedPhysicians LogoAfter spending years working as an Emergency Physician, Dr. Carney realized that she would rather be like a FENCE of protection, at the top of the cliff, instead of like an AMBULANCE at the bottom of a cliff. Her emphasis on Whole Person Care helps to prevent people from falling off the cliff, down into illness. She also helps repair people whose health was impaired after slipping off of that cliff. Dr. Carney simplifies the science so that all may understand how lifestyle choices may impair health or promote health. The best evidenced-based medicine has scientifically proven how disease may be reversed by adopting a plant-based diet of whole foods with less than 20% of calories from fats. This web-site points you towards science that is credible, effective, and peer-reviewed.

Another fitting analogy is that of being like a WARNING sign placed before a bend in the road that is washed out ahead, but whose threat is not yet visible from where the WARNING sign is located. Dr. Carney believes that most people want to be warned if their health habits are steering them towards danger. Sadly, and unfortunately, not everyone believes that certain lifestyle habits are contributing to that danger.

Although she loved practicing medicine at Palo Alto Medical Foundation, in the San Francisco Bay area of her native California, Dr. Carney traded the practice of corporate medicine for operating her own Wellness Primary Care Practice since 2006 as a solo physician, located in Buda, Texas. This allowed her the freedom to focus on reversing disease naturally, with less pressure to prescribe medications or tests, so that prevention of disease could supersede the corporate world's demand for financial productivity. Her hourly rate of income sunk by 75% but her level of satisfaction increased greatly due to helping MANY people to lose weight, heal disease, and improve their quality of life. "That trade-off was worth it!" Dr. Carney says. It is thrilling for Dr. Carney to see her patients not only control their diseases through medications but actually reverse and or irradicate their diseases, frequently resulting in no longer needing medication. Results include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Cancer patients in remission
  2. Diabetics whose blood sugars are under control naturally, no longer requiring medications
  3. Heart Disease patients whose cholesterol levels dropped lower than they ever imagined possible, with some now in the essentially "Heart Attack Proof" range
  4. Weight Loss for people who believed they had already tried everything, but never tried the lifestyle advocated by Dr. Carney
  5. Greatly improved sleep and the increased energy levels, and numerous other health benefits, that accompany restful sleep
  6. Restored Cognitive Function and reversal of anxiety-laden thought patterns
  7. Reduction in discomforts of menopause, PMS, or menstrual cramps or irregular bleeding
  8. Sexual function restoration
  9. Reversal of anemia, acne, asthma, rhematoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and low back pain
  10. Assisting young athletes and body-builders attain peak performance and physique
  11. Reductions in the symptoms of ADD and ADHD
  12. Prevention of dementia
  13. Lowering blood pressure naturally without drugs

Truly, perfect health depends on perfect circulation. Our vascular system is so important to every part of our body, that it deserves to be monitored regularly via biomarkers (numbers), such as our weight, blood pressure, & lipid levels, (cholesterol, etc), to prevent atherosclerosis from accelerating the aging process and the breakdown of our joints, senses, and memory, among other potential risks. Every day, our immune system is strengthened or weakened by the foods we choose. The immune system, much of which is located in our intestines, searches our body daily for abnormal cells, destroying them before they can multiply into a cancer. Don't lose hope if you have a strong family history of cancer. Optimizing your lifestyle choices now can make a difference in your cancer risks. Even if you already have been diagnosed with cancer, lifestyle changes offer hope.

Health education is so important to Linda Carney MD that she maintains a well-stocked library of Health Education DVDs, which are available not only for purchase but also for her patients and the public to come and watch, free of charge. For those patients wishing to spend no more money than necessary on drugs and surgery, Dr. Carney offers book recommendations and online videos to help you optimize your health through good habits. Lifestyle changes can help to make you healthy by choice, not by chance. Ask to see our cooking demonstration videos!

Dr. Carney has served on numerous occasions as the Medical Director for the Engine 2 Diet Immersion for the employees of Whole Foods Markets and the public, as hired by Rip Esselstyn, of the acclaimed documentary "Forks Over Knives".

Read some patient testimonies about Dr. Linda Carney's exemplary care:

Thorough and Caring, Life Changing Treatment

Dr. Carney is truly in medicine as an act of love. She listens and gently gives caring advice that helps her patients live a healthier lifestyle. She does not just treat the symptoms of whatever is currently a health problem, but shares her vast knowledge in language the patient can understand, to promote healthy living.

I came away from visits with lifestyle information that I am convinced will help me be stronger, live longer, and enjoy the outdoor activity that is now a part of my life in California (on the beach and with my new grand daughter). I feel like I have been given the gift of time and energy for so much that I would have missed out on with a less healthy approach to my own care. I will be able to enjoy so much now that I have her words of wisdom on health care.

I envy her patients in Texas that get to keep her as their physician in the future! :o)3


Cares about your well being

I am 61 years old and had been a patient of dr. carney's for about 3 years when I moved to a city about 70 miles away. I miss her and wish I could still have her as my primary physician. I have read the comments posted here and decided that I should give my point of view. I have had many doctors over the past 61 years. I found Dr. Linda Carney to be the most empathetic and caring physician of all of them. True, she may be late for her appointment with you from time to time, BUT she always gave me the time I needed when she got to me and apologized greatly for my wait. I can understand one wanting to be seen when their appointment is due, BUT, if I was really sick and needed help I would want my doctor to take the time necessary to help me -- that is what she does. Yes, she is religious and she is vegan. She does not force her standard of living on anybody. She just tells her patient what she thinks is necessary for one to get well. Yes they play religious music on the TV in the waiting room, and Dr. Carney is obviously believes in God. First, the music is played very low and the melody and scenery on the TV is very peaceful and soothing. I much prefer it to other types of media. Also, it is instrumental and not voices, so it really doesn't matter if it is religious or otherwise to me. I happen to also believe in God, so I am happy that she does to. In fact, I would bet that Dr. Carney prays for her patients every day. I can use all the help and I can get! Bottom line: If you want a Doctor that cares about your well being, she is Great. I have had a few minor billing (insurance) problems, but her office has always handled them in a caring manner. I highly recommend Dr. Linda Carney for whatever ails you.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Truly a Life Saver!

Once upon a time many years ago on a warm Monday morning in June,
I met Doctor Linda K. Carney, MD. I wasn't feeling well and although my wife is a RN; after taking temps, pulse and blood pressure readings she knew there was something else not right. We didn't have a routine family primary care physician so we randomly selected Dr. Carney.
Dr. Carney immediately ordered staff to administer an EKG. She then asked me to sit in the waiting room. Moments later she said she had a cardiologist read the EKG, that she had already admitted me into the local hospital and had her car parked out front to personally drive me to the hospital. I was admitted and an angiogram was accomplished and determined I needed further treatment at a better equipped hospital. The next day I was transported by ambulance to another hospital where a angioplasty was performed with the insertion of two stents. Dr. Carney most likely saved my life. I later found out that she had previously worked in Emergency Medicine for several years.
Our family then adopted Dr. Carney as our Primary Healthcare Physician and we all could not be happier. She has provided us in-depth, up-to-date information on diseases, medications, dietary and lifestyle choices. Each and every visit with Dr. Carney was an event we looked forward to and learned more about common problems associated with Internal Medicine such as; obesity and smoking as related to potential cardiac disease, lung disease and diabetes. It was surprising to learn how imprtant physical exercise was to health.
Clearly, Doctor Carney reinforces the patients knowledge, motivates proper personal behavior and facilitates the removal of medical barriers to total wellness. She allows patients to make positive choices about their health, education and self-controlled lifestyle. One of Dr. Carney's key traits is that she listens very carefully to the patient's personal conerns prior to reaching a thoughtful diagnosis. Because of the time spent with Dr. Carney, our personal health remains better and stable because of the education and guidance she provided. I am 78 years young.
Yes, Doctor Linda K. Carney, MD is truly a life saver!

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I really like the care I'm receiving from her

I'm puzzled by some of the negative reviews of Dr. Carney. I've had three visits with her so far and have found her to be punctual, knowledgeable, caring and not at all offensive--and I don't consider myself "religious." She has spent quite a lot of time with me, explaining what's going on with my condition, reviewing every finding in my diagnostic test reports (CT scan, ultrasound, blood work, etc.). I've left every appointment with her with a very detailed summary of what was discussed at the appointment, what to do when I get home, how to take the medications she has prescribed, and her suggestions regarding what else I can do--other than take prescribed medication--to improve my health. When I message her through her patient portal, she (not an assistant) responds to me. I'm 61, was quite ill when I first consulted her, and I've seen many other physicians in my life. In short, I'm a pretty experienced healthcare consumer, unfortunately. I really like the care I'm receiving from her, and my condition is improving daily with her guidance. I concede that if you are someone who wants to just walk in and out of a doctor's office with a handful of prescriptions and not be informed about lifestyle steps you could take to improve your health, then Dr. Carney may not be right for you.

San Antonio, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp

I can't thank Dr. Carney enough for empowering me...

If you want a pill to fix what ails you, Dr. Carney probably isn't the doctor for you. If you want someone who will help you truly improve your health, then I highly recommend her. I'll admit to being highly skeptical of all the diet changes that Dr. Carney recommended, but the results speak for themselves. She explained that part of my problem is probably genetics since even my 40-year-old sister has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But I followed her advice, changed my diet and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol in just months without medication. Plus, I dropped 20 pounds without even trying! I'm still not 100% where I want to be on my diet (that's code for I still cheat too much), but I continue to get better and better. I can't thank Dr. Carney enough for empowering me to take control of my health.

Yes, she often runs behind schedule. But that's because she takes so much time with each patient. I can't imagine someone who cares more about her patients.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Knowledgeable About Nutrition

Hi everyone, I am new to this group (but not new to veganism). My primary care doctor, Dr. Linda Carney, is fantastic, although unfortunately her office is in Buda. Since I live in south Austin, it really isn't that bad of a drive for me, and since I never get sick, I only need to go once a year for check-ups. What I like about Dr. Carney is that she is vegan and promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle to her patients and she seems to be very interested in-and knowledgeable about-nutrition (and her office is full of books on vegan nutrition). She is also very nice and seems genuinely interested in her patients (I haven't had that experience with all doctors).

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