Mission Trip Report

San Jose ClinicNueva Era LineWe had a successful trip to the Amazon region of Peru in July of 2008 and are looking forward to returning next year. Thank you to each of our donors! Videos have been placed on the Internet on YouTube and also pictures and videos were placed on PicassaWeb.

We went to Peru on a trip arranged by Outpost Centers International and assisted Peru Projects, their member organization. Videos on YouTube. Pictures and videos on PicassaWeb.

Nueva Era Waiting

Our first couple of days were spent in the area of Pucallpa, Peru where we held clinics in the villages of San Jose and Nueva Era. The clinic in San Jose was held in the local school behind the Adventist Church. The Nueva Era clinic occured in the home of a villager across the street from where another part of our team was constructing a church.

Staff Before Take-off

Plane Arrives at Boat


We then traveled by amphibian airplane to the mission launch, (boat) moored in the village of Inahuaya, awaiting our arrival. The crew of the launch had been anxiously awaiting our arrival for over a month. We were the first medical team in two years to join them on the launch.

Below are more thumbnail pictures of the clinics we set up. Each day we would rise early and travel the river to a new village where we would set up a medical clinic. After seeing patients all day we would return to the launch for a small meal and then return again to the village to show a small portion of a film using projection run off of a gas generator. After the film Dr. Carney would give a health presentation followed by spiritual meetings conducted by the launch's Pastor.

ClinicInahuayaClinicIbowanaInahuayaChildrenWe dream of being able to see a different Medical team on this launch every month and hope to be able to build awareness of this project so that funding will come in to keep both the mission planes and the launch operating. They are filling a great need!


Shortly after returning from Peru we attended the ASI Convention where we were interviewed and broadcast on satellite television over 3ABN. We spoke about our experience in Peru and we highly recommend anybody thinking about going on a mission trip to do so!


Videos have been placed on the Internet on YouTube and also pictures and videos were placed on PicassaWeb.


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