General Practice Closed May 31, 2020:
  Rather than from your phone, print your records from our Patient Portal via your desktop or laptop. Don't use the Healow app on your phone for records. Hand-carry in your Rx's. Offers Food Coaching:  For questions on future results or recommendations, Dr. Carney would love to share her thoughts. 60 minute phone consults for first timers; 30 minutes for follow-ups

Stay in Touch: offers free membership, discussion forums, and other great resources. Portal will no longer be available after July 2020. Don't use previously obtained order-slips. 

Current Patient Portal Login

Note: Current patients please do not pre-register as this creates duplicate records which we then have to delete.

Click Here to Login to the Patient Portal if you are a Currently Registered Patient of Dr. Carney's

Current Patient:
(Have had a previous office visit with Linda Carney, MD)

If you are wanting an initial Login and Password:

  • Please call (512) 295-7877 to provide us your email address so that we may enable your account for Patient Portal access.

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The patient portal enables patients of AllMedPhysicians, pLLC to:

  • Patient Portal Login PageCommunicate with our practice, securely and efficiently
  • View some of your Personal Health Records.
  • Review some laboratory results and financial statements.
  • Request an appointment, and see the date and time of upcoming appointments.
  • Request a prescription refill from a pre-populated list of currently refillable prescriptions.
  • Manage personal information in our database.

If you have already called us to obtain your log-in and password then
Click Here to Login to the Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is for Patients of Linda Carney MD / AllMedPhysicians, pLLC

This Patient Portal is provided for your convenience and is another way that we endeavor to provide Wellness Primary Care Extraordinaire for all our patients. This Patient Portal is one of the web sites that we maintain. We are currently educating our patients to use this Patient Portal and ask your patience with us as we get things working.

Pateint Portal After LoginThe Patient Portal is NOT for Urgent Communications
We will be maintaining and managing the Patient Portal, including any patient requests made through the patient portal, during our normal business hours which are posted on our AllMedPhysicians, pLLC Web Site. Please allow 48 business hours for us to reply. If your need is urgent please call us at (512) 295-7877.

Please Report Any Patient Portal Problems
If you have any problems when using the Patient Portal please call our office, during working hours, at (512) 295-7877 or you may send us a secure email message, through the Patient Portal, after logging in, by going to your Inbox or Sent Messages in the navigation bar on the left and clicking on the Compose button.

If you have already called us to obtain your log-in and password then Click Here to Login to the Patient Portal

Additional Questions about the Patient Portal:

May I email the doctor if I have questions between follow-ups?
We are able to answer many simple email questions . Complex medical issues can only be addressed with an appointment. If there is a medical decision involved (for example, concerning prescription for medication), there will be a charge based on how much time the doctor spends discussing it with you. Please keep in mind that our office can receive hundreds of emails daily, and reading and answering takes considerable time for the physician and her medical staff, as well as the office staff, and while we want very much to answer all questions, we must sometimes bill you for our time.

Will all my labs be immediately available for viewing on the Patient Portal?
Labs that are not within normal levels may sometimes be kept from posting to the Patient Portal until after a visit with the Physician has been conducted. In the interest of best patient care it is sometimes necessary for Dr. Carney to discuss any potential abnormalities in person before releasing the lab results.


Use of this websites is for informational purposes only and does not contain medical advice or create a Physician/Patient relationship between you and Linda Carney MD.

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