TeleVisits Available Now:  Some insurers now pay for TeleVisits, so write to us via the Patient Portal to give your permission for us to call and collect your Co-Pay. Then we can schedule your AudioVisual TeleVisit with Dr. Carney for your refills or advice on staying safe from illness until we can again offer in-person office visits, (hopefully) on June 1.

Covid-19 Testing No Longer Available at this time:  Drive-through testing for COVID-19 was available (when we had tests) by appointment only, which you could have requested by writing to us via the patient portal. Write to us via our Patient Portal, then watch for our written reply, as the high volume of calls currently prevents us from answering the phone or calling back.

How You Can Help:  Primary health is on the front line of a battle we can’t win unless our patients help us streamline communications. That means watch the portal for replies, keep TeleVisits short and organized (ready with questions written down, ready to take notes on answers)

Space For Lease

Published in 1760 FM 967

Occasionally our building has some Lease Space available. Currently we do not have any lease space available but that can can change. We are particularly interested in leasing our space to medical related organizations. We also have some rooms that we timeshare/sublease to specialists on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Those rooms are marked on the image below as "Sublease Furnished". Please let us know If you are interested in subleasing some prime Space in the Buda Area! 

Our Building is One of the Largest and Nicest Looking Buildings in Buda

The floorplan below shows Suites A, B & C with their three separate entrances into the same main building. Suite D, the detached building on the right is not shown. Each of these Suites has their own Entrances and are completely self contained units. Currently all spaces are leased, even the ones that say available in the artwork.

Available Space for Lease Downstairs

Suite B Available Spaces PDF Brochure
(Sublease & Timeshare)

This building is located in a high income demographic area of Hays County. For additional referrals there are other Primary Care physicians in this Business Park. There is also Pediatric Junction with a couple pediatricians, less than two miles away.

Our building currently has two exam rooms available as well as a physicians office with easy access to the exam rooms. Specialists are very welcome!

Included in the lease arrangements are:

  1. Receptionist desk can greet and direct all visitors
  2. Waiting room is available for all patients
  3. High speed Internet (10 + mbps) service is provided
  4. All rooms are Networked and can be easily configured in private networks
  5. Wireless (unsecured) network is installed for all visitors
  6. Private Secured Wireless Networks can be set up
  7. Virtual Private Networks can be configured through our router or yours!
  8. Our Computer Cold Room has space available to host your servers
  9. (External HTTP not allowed. Internal HTTP is fine!)
  10. The common area includes a fully equipped kitchen
  11. Large majestic trees provide park-like environment behind property

Sublease / Timeshare:
Most of our subleasing Specialists have told us ours is the nicest facility they have ever subleased!

Some specialists may require one room and others may require two rooms. We can be flexible. We have two exam rooms that are fully set up with exam tables, chairs, Blood Pressure Cuff and Shelves, etc... Physicians can bring their own computer and we plug it into the High Speed Internet on a secure segmented network.

These Exam Rooms are ready to examine patients in now and are the exam rooms that we use for seeing patients as overflow rooms. We also have completely empty rooms that can used as the demand builds. We charge $125.00 for two rooms for an afternoon or a morning. This includes a third room for patient consultations with your Medical Assistant and a closet for Physician dications. This price does not include any staffing.

We believe most specialists will want to staff their room but we can also provide them an MA for an additional charge. We can also have patients call our office to schedule although we assume most specialists will want to schedule their own appointments. We have a receptionist that can greet the specialist's patients and direct them to the waiting room and let the specialist know that their patients have arrived.

We are also able to be flexible on the frequency and will endeavor to work with the schedule of the specialist. Many may only want to come once a month, others twice a month, etc... We would be happy to consider once a week as well.

For More Information on Leasing, Sub-Leasing and Timeshare:
Call Sean Carney - (512) 300-3329

Suite B Available Spaces PDF Brochure
(Sublease & Timeshare)

Available Suites/Spaces for Lease in 1760 FM 967


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