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Suite A - 610 Square Feet Without Extra Room

Published in Suite A

Suite A is a Private Entrance Executive Suite with a private entrance, beautiful high ceilings and approximately 610 square feet. The adjoining suite in the same building is a busy Picture of Buiilding with Suite A on the Left

Suite A can be used as a reception/waiting room with two spacious offices for exams or procedures. The sink for this suite's bathroom is located on the outside for easy hand washing. If another room is needed, for example to be used as another exam or procedure room, then we could vacate one of the rooms from Suite B which is directly adjacent to Suite A. It is a perfect addition to Suite A and would create a third exam/procedure room. This would increase the square footage to approximately 740 square feet.

  • Included in the Lease is:Floorplan for Suite A With Approx Room Sizes
  • 610 Square Feet
  • Private Entrance
  • Fully Networked
  • High Speed Internet
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • Space in Computer Cold Room
  • Electric, Water, Trash & Sewer

Tenant Responsibility:

  • Telephones

Basically all services are provided. The tenant is only responsible for the telephones.

For Lease for $950.00 per month.

Click Here to Download the Suite A Brochure

For More Information on Leasing, Sub-Leasing and Timeshare:
Call Sean Carney - (512) 300-3329

Map to Available Suite A Space for Lease


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