TeleVisits Available Now:  Some insurers now pay for TeleVisits, so write to us via the Patient Portal to give your permission for us to call and collect your Co-Pay. Then we can schedule your AudioVisual TeleVisit with Dr. Carney for your refills or advice on staying safe from illness until we can again offer in-person office visits, (hopefully) on June 1.

Covid-19 Testing No Longer Available at this time:  Drive-through testing for COVID-19 was available (when we had tests) by appointment only, which you could have requested by writing to us via the patient portal. Write to us via our Patient Portal, then watch for our written reply, as the high volume of calls currently prevents us from answering the phone or calling back.

How You Can Help:  Primary health is on the front line of a battle we can’t win unless our patients help us streamline communications. That means watch the portal for replies, keep TeleVisits short and organized (ready with questions written down, ready to take notes on answers)

Space Currently Available for Sub-Lease Only

Suite B - Rooms for Sublease

Published in Suite B

Suite B has various lease and sublease options. Rooms are available for Offices, Exam Room, Lab Stations, etc.. BuildingPhotoCroppedNarrow.web
The waiting room and entrance/reception area is available for patients. There are two exams rooms and an intake room that are subleased together as a package to specialists. The total cost is $125.00 for a morning or an afternoon.
Click Here to See Specialists and Testing Providers Coming to our Facility.

There are also two good sized rooms available for a variety of purposes on a full time basis. Individually these rooms lease for $575.00 each per month. Please let us know if you are interested in any of the available Suite B space.

Included in the Lease is:Furnished Sublease Rooms & Unfurnished Lease Rooms Available

  • Receptionist
  • Waiting Room
  • High Speed Internet
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • Visitors Wireless Network
  • Rooms Networked Together
  • Space in Computer Cold Room
  • Access to Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Electric, Water, Trash & Sewer Fees

Tenant Responsibility:

  • Telephones

Basically all services are provided. The tenant is only responsible for the telephones.

We are open to meeting your needs. Try us!

Click Here to Download the Suite B Brochure

For More Information on Leasing, Sub-Leasing and Timeshare:
Call Sean Carney - (512) 300-3329
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