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Upstairs - 650 Square Feet

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Upstairs of Suite B is approx 650 square feet, not including the common spaces such as the bathrooms, hallways, entranceway and kitchen. The large room has very high ceilings.

The Second Story of this Building is Entered Though the Central Entrance to Suite B

Suite B Upstairs can be used for many purposes as it is one very large open high-ceilinged studio space with a smaller office room off to the side. The upstairs suite has access to all of the Suite B common areas which are maintained by the building.

Included in the Lease is:Upstairs.Floorplan.400Web

  • 650 Square Feet
  • Fully Networked
  • High Speed Internet
  • Beautiful Landscaping
  • Space in Computer Cold-room
  • Electric, Water, Trash & Sewer
  • Common Area Includes Kitchen

Tenant Responsibility:

  • Telephones

Basically all services are provided. The tenant is only responsible for the telephones.

For Lease for $1,250.00 per month.

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Map to Available Suite B Upstairs Space for Lease



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