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One thing we receive testimonials about is how knowledgeable Dr. Carney is and how much teaching she provides during her visits.

A great first visit to Dr Carney

My wife and I came to Dr Carney because of her promotion of the Fuhrman diet. In 40 years of going to doctors, I have never had as detailed and comprehensive a first visit (or any visit) as I did with Dr Carney.


Absolutely Wonderful

Dr. Carney and her staff are absolutely wonderful. This is the first doctor that I have felt truly wants to help people. I feel comfortable talking to her and highly recommend her.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Dr. Carney and staff are great!

Dr. Carney has definitely changed my opinion of doctors and the health care profession. Until just recently, I have been averse to going to the doctor for anything. However, I just moved to Austin and needed my blood pressure and cholesterol meds refilled and just happened to contact Dr. Carney's office (in my insurance network). I was able to get in fairly quickly and she reviewed my family history and the meds I was on and was reluctant to refill my meds without doing a complete workup on me. I agreed to all that she did because it was so vitally necessary given my family history and the diseases they were afflicted with. She is a doctor that believes in educating and resolving medical issues at the root of the problems instead of just treating symptoms. She has worked with me to change my diet and to live a healthier lifestyle and for that I am truly grateful! I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone interested in finding a doctor who genuinely cares for the patients' health and well-being.


Extremely thorough. One of the better ones.

Although I have never sought care from Dr. Carney, I have interacted with her several times on a professional level. As a professional in the health care industry and one who has interacted with 100's of primary care providers, I can say, without doubt, that Dr. Carney is one of the better ones. Why? Because she is extremely thorough... her practice, managed by her husband, Sean, is well organized and the staff are well-trained and extremely pleasant. I am sometimes disturbed by some of the PCP practices I visit... unorganized, terrible staff and, more often than not, the doctors are more concerned about volume and reimbursements than truly understanding their patients' needs. Dr. Carney and Sean are good people and they both genuinely care about the well-being of their patients. It is so rare to be able to say that in this day and age. Buda/Kyle/South Austin is extremely lucky to have such a great provider.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Far beyond the traditional call of duty!

I posted a review of Dr. Carney after my second visit on 7/19/2013 and gave her five stars. New insight gained since that time suggests an update is in order. What I have come to realize is that until meeting Dr. Carney, I had never actually witnessed a "real" doctor or even considered the concept. Previously, I would have considered the concept, as I now understand it, something of a fantasy or movie character. Every previous doctor I have known, even ones with excellent "bed-side-manner", is all about profession.

I believe a real doctor is one who passionately devotes their life to the health and well-being of others and is not limited by profession, establishment, standard procedure or thinking "inside the box". A real doctor cares for people with eyes-wide-open instead of blindly writing prescriptions per pharmaceutical marketing. A real doctor seeks out the root cause, instead of masking the condition with treatment and drugs.

I have witnessed Dr. Carney caring for patients (including myself) far beyond the traditional call of duty. Examples include extended office visits, house calls and educating patients about the cause, prevention and cure of chronic diseases. I have witnessed her crash-course educating herself on subjects outside her field of medicine and curing patients (including myself) where numerous specialists have all failed.

It appears that the negative reviews stem from the desire and familiarity of conventional treatment as this requires the least effort on the patient's part. An overwhelmingly high percentage of health issues, however, are due to lifestyle and many people are offended to hear that their lifestyle is degrading their life and making them sick.

With no actual comparison to any character, Dr. Carney's practice reminds me of what I take away from the movies "Doc Hollywood" and "Patch Adams": the vision of a highly attentive doctor with real experience coupled with a love for their patients as if they were their own family.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp.

From the heart...

Dr. Carney is serious about teaching patients to save their lives! So, if you are finally serious about taking charge of your health, you must enlist her help in your endeavor. Never, in 58 years, have I had such a thorough, informative, satisfying experience in a doctor's office. She has addressed all my issues including cardiac, diet and pain management wholeheartedly and now has me back on the path to lifelong vigor. Enough to keep up with my grand-kids, at least. She has even convinced my "meat and potatoes" husband of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle! Your search for a competent and concerned doctor who administers professional yet personal care should end with Dr. Linda Carney. But, be fully prepared to follow the doctor's orders and she'll bless your heart like she has mine.


I appreciate that she gave us "tough love" about the choices were were making.

I'm confused by the negativity as well -- my husband and I love Dr. Carney. We are very grateful that she helped rein in my husband's high cholesterol through dietary changes, and I appreciate that she gave us "tough love" about the choices were were making. It's not always easy to hear, but definitely necessary and we are much better off for it! So few doctors are knowledgeable about or willing to discuss nutrition with patients, and I am so glad Dr. Carney takes that approach.

She offers a lot of information and is very thorough, which I'm sure can seem overwhelming, but I've never felt rushed, ignored, or left with unanswered questions. I also like that she offers non-drug treatment options when appropriate, as I prefer to save medication and antibiotics for when I truly need them.

We have always had great experiences with the staff, and we've been able to get last-minute appointments easily. As others have mentioned, there are religious decorations and reading materials in the office, but despite being initially weirded out by it, I have found that they exist solely in the background (and religion has certainly never come up during a visit).

The Airrosti practice that she partners with has been nothing but top-notch as well, and they have treated us both for numerous acute and chronic injuries.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I can't thank Dr. Carney enough for empowering me...

If you want a pill to fix what ails you, Dr. Carney probably isn't the doctor for you. If you want someone who will help you truly improve your health, then I highly recommend her. I'll admit to being highly skeptical of all the diet changes that Dr. Carney recommended, but the results speak for themselves. She explained that part of my problem is probably genetics since even my 40-year-old sister has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But I followed her advice, changed my diet and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol in just months without medication. Plus, I dropped 20 pounds without even trying! I'm still not 100% where I want to be on my diet (that's code for I still cheat too much), but I continue to get better and better. I can't thank Dr. Carney enough for empowering me to take control of my health.

Yes, she often runs behind schedule. But that's because she takes so much time with each patient. I can't imagine someone who cares more about her patients.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I have more energy and sleep better than ever before!

I have to agree with Kate T. who said "If I could give Dr. Carney (and staff) 10 stars I would!"

Since I adopted the plant based diet she recommends to her patients, my weight, cholesterol and blood pressure have dropped and I have more energy and sleep better than ever before!

After becoming frustrated with my current Kyle-based physician and his staff after an incorrect and potentially dangerous misdiagnosis, I decided to seek out a physician who more closely mirrored my own belief that given proper nutrition, moderate exercise, stress management and sleep, the body will heal and maintain maximal health. When I began my Internet search, lo and behold, Dr. Carney!

She is quite thorough with her patients, particularly when they first are establishing with her practice. Some may find it frustrating that she requires you to obtain 5 years of medical records and bring them to her office. But this is so YOU have access to and can review precisely the information she'll be receiving. Believe me, she is worth the extra effort.

And she openly shares and discussed lab results and reports with you. She makes sure you understand. If, because of her wealth of knowledge, she begins to overwhelm you with information, simply ask her to slow down and better explain what she's saying, and she will.

During the visits I've had with her, Dr. Carney has been quite thorough, much more so than any other general practice doctor I've visited. This may mean a wait in her waiting room, but the atmosphere is relaxing and when it's your turn, you'll have her full time and attention.

Because I live close to her office, I have the opportunity to avail myself of the videos and exercise equipment she makes available to her patients. How many other doctor offices do that?

Dr. Carney makes no secret about her religious practice but does not at all shove it down your throat. I practice no religion and I am quite comfortable and at ease with her and her staff. If you are religious, no doubt you'll find her approach doubly comforting.

In short, I would recommend Dr. Carney to anyone who is interested in developing a working relationship with their physician, decreasing or ending their reliance on prescription medications and becoming the vital, vibrant person he/she wants to be!

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp

I have searched for years...

I met with Dr. Carney and discussed several ongoing (personal) medical issues that have plagued me for years. She is the ONLY Doctor out of 5 that has not immediately whipped out a prescription pad and/or run expensive tests on me. She truly listened to me and understood that I have tried pill after pill for various issues, all to no avail. In fact, the side effects from the medication I have taken over the years have literally been ruining my health and my life. I have searched for years to find someone that would approach my issues from a preventative standpoint instead of medicating me for issues that can be treated naturally. Dr. Carney is that person. She is treating me with diet and lifestyle changes although it would have been more money in the bank for her to treat me as other Doctors have done. Am I crazy about my new eating plan? NO. Is it helping me? YES! After only a few weeks I am already seeing improvements in my health. This is the first time I have been able to sleep without medication of some sort in several years. My other issues are improving as well. Dr. Carney spent a lot of time with me, addressing all of my questions. She was very informative, patient, and caring. I encourage anyone who reads this to find out for yourself if she is the Doctor for you. I trust her with my life, despite the negative feedback on this site

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I really like the care I'm receiving from her

I'm puzzled by some of the negative reviews of Dr. Carney. I've had three visits with her so far and have found her to be punctual, knowledgeable, caring and not at all offensive--and I don't consider myself "religious." She has spent quite a lot of time with me, explaining what's going on with my condition, reviewing every finding in my diagnostic test reports (CT scan, ultrasound, blood work, etc.). I've left every appointment with her with a very detailed summary of what was discussed at the appointment, what to do when I get home, how to take the medications she has prescribed, and her suggestions regarding what else I can do--other than take prescribed medication--to improve my health. When I message her through her patient portal, she (not an assistant) responds to me. I'm 61, was quite ill when I first consulted her, and I've seen many other physicians in my life. In short, I'm a pretty experienced healthcare consumer, unfortunately. I really like the care I'm receiving from her, and my condition is improving daily with her guidance. I concede that if you are someone who wants to just walk in and out of a doctor's office with a handful of prescriptions and not be informed about lifestyle steps you could take to improve your health, then Dr. Carney may not be right for you.

San Antonio, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp

I was very skeptical of almost all doctors

If you are looking for a quick fix doctor that will write you up a prescription instead of addressing the root of your problem then you should go elsewhere. I truly appreciate a doctor that not only spends a lot of time with her patients but has the guts to try to change the way we treat our bodies thru the food we put into them.

My husband and I are patients now and are very pleased with Dr. Carney's knowledge and care. I was very skeptical of almost all doctors because of the bad treatment and speed with which former doctors wanted to put me on dangerous drugs instead of listening to ME regarding my body and my family history. Although some of the changes that I have had to make regarding diet are not easy, i appreciate Dr. Carney's goal which is to get her patients well and healthy using the least invasive method possible.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I'm fixed without invasive procedures or medications

I have been a patient of Dr. Carney's since 2010 and have had good experiences.

About her waiting room, there are pre-recorded programs playing. They are religious-ish in that the audio playing on it is reminiscent of church songs, but I can never put my finger on a specific song. The video is just nature and animals- waterfalls, families of ducks, deer drinking from lakes, etc. I think its peaceful and is certainly better than daytime tv.

During her consultations, she does pack a whole lot of information in to 1 visit. Usually when I leave I feel like we had been talking for an hour but it has only been 15 min.

She is vegan, and is a promoter of it, so yes, if your cholesterol, allergies, or whatever can be cured with diet modification, she will absolutely try to get you to go that route. My first visit was for sinus headaches. She said cut out the dairy, but if I chose not to, she prescribed me flonase and singulair. I went ahead and cut out the dairy and ta-daa! No more headaches.

My most recent visit was for heart palpitations. I used to have this issue as a teenager and it had returned. Rather than just punting me to Cardiology like my doctor 10 years ago had, she got a 12 lead EKG, blood work, and asked me to walk on her treadmill. After the diagnostics were finished she found the cause was from a B12 deficiency. Once again, I'm fixed without invasive procedures or medications. She still gave me a referral to a cardiologist just in case I wanted to pursue it.

I love that she gives me options, and is always looking to cure an illness the natural way first. I think that too many practitioners are soft on their patients, and our culture has created an environment where people don't want to change a single habit, just give them another pill! Lots of things need medications and medical intervention, but lots don't. That is all.

Buda, TX - Posted 5 Star Review on Yelp


If I could give Dr. Linda Carney (and staff!) 10 stars I would!

Dr. Carney is truly a gift to this earth. She is what doctors should be and need to be!

I don't know if there are enough characters to allow me to express just what an incredible doctor Dr. Carney is.

I first learned of Dr. Carney after I saw her husband speak on her behalf at a pot luck. Dr. Carney's husband talked about her approach to treating patients using a preventative care method rather then a treat the problem after it has already occurred sort of way.

That resonated with me big time! I care about myself, the environment and animals so naturally I eat a Vegan diet and had done so for nearly 20 years. Dr. Carney promotes eating this way in lieu of the cholesterol/saturated fat laden Standard American Diet aka SAD.

I thought it would be awesome to have a Vegan doctor little did I realize that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to just how amazing Dr. Carney is.

She is truly an educator. And when I say that please don't groan and think "oh she is gonna talk my ear off about going Vegan etc", what I mean by educator is that she explains to you so much about your body and how it works.

She teaches you how different foods/ingredients effect your body. What vitamins and minerals your body needs and why. Each and every test she does she tells you in depth and in terms that anyone can understand just exactly what she is looking for and why.

Dr. Carney shared with me a story of a patient who came into the ER (before she started her private practice) and he had just had a heart attack. She asked him if his primary care doctor had ever told him how to prevent a heart attack in the first place to which he responds no.

That is one of the many things that inspired her to start her own practice and run it the way that she does. Dr. Carney offers patients so much GREAT information as to how they can take control of their health and prevent so many illnesses (like heart attacks) from happening in the first place.

Before becoming a patient of Dr. Carney's I had no idea that I had been receiving sub-par care from prior primary care doctors! 10 - 15 minutes with a doctor is typically all the time you get. Not Dr. Carney! She has skipped lunch just to make time for patients and to make sure she does her job to the fullest extent possible!

And to Justin P. who says she "over reaches her role as a GP", I believe other doctors UNDER reach their roles and do the bare minimum!

Granted I can not attest to her lack of tolerance for non-Vegans because I am one however I can only assume that since she is (or probably was at this point) your doctor that she just wants you to be as healthy as humanly possible so obviously she is going to recommend the healthiest lifestyle choices to you!

If you smoked crack, I am willing to bet she would advise you to cut that out of your diet as well!

But that is neither here nor there!

Dr. Carney is an amazing doctor who does things a whole heck of a lot different then most doctors these days and it is a welcome change!

If you have the chance to have this woman as your doctor I can not recommend it enough! She is worth the drive (I drive an hour just to see her!) and I am truly grateful to have Dr. Carney as my doctor and you will be too!

Pflugerville, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


If you can handle straight talk, go see Dr. Carney!

I was recommended to Dr. Carney via my chiropractor. Dr. Carney pulled no punches when going over my blood work, which she spent far more time doing than any other physician I had ever been to in my 50-something years; she told me to change my diet, and to get more exercise. Since taking her advise, and going "plant strong", I have easily and healthily eliminated almost 50 pounds, and my blood work improved dramatically; my numbers have stayed in the healthy range. I feel great! The only "downside" is that I've had to get a new wardrobe, but it's been well worth it. Thanks, Dr. Carney!


If you want to heal and reverse your illness

I really don't know how anyone could rate Dr. Carney as anything but 5 stars - unless they do not like that she gives real advice and doesn't push pills to solve medical issues. We travel full time and have been to many doctors around the country, and she is by far the best. If you want to heal and reverse your illness, go to Dr. Carney, follow her advice. If you want someone to push pills - go somewhere else. She opened her office up just to see me, took time past office hours to make sure I was ok and was kind and considerate. This sadly means that people won't like her, as most people have become used to dr's who see you for 10 minutes and prescribe something. She is definitely worth going to, especially if you want a real answer.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Knowledgeable About Nutrition

Hi everyone, I am new to this group (but not new to veganism). My primary care doctor, Dr. Linda Carney, is fantastic, although unfortunately her office is in Buda. Since I live in south Austin, it really isn't that bad of a drive for me, and since I never get sick, I only need to go once a year for check-ups. What I like about Dr. Carney is that she is vegan and promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle to her patients and she seems to be very interested in-and knowledgeable about-nutrition (and her office is full of books on vegan nutrition). She is also very nice and seems genuinely interested in her patients (I haven't had that experience with all doctors).

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Knowledgeable and Caring!

Dr. Carney was considerate and caring enough to see me on a Friday afternoon when I had complications after surgery done by another physician. If she and her staff had not cared enough to take me in without an appointment and after hours, I would have ended up in the ER, I'm sure. I am forever grateful that she recognized my problem and prevented it from worsening over the weekend and perhaps turning into something major. They even followed up Monday morning to see if I was still doing well. My surgeon did not. She and her staff are very concerned about their patients' health, easy to talk to, sympathetic, always willing to help and extremely knowledgeable!

Thanks, Dr. Carney!


My experience with Dr. Carney has been great.

I am surprised to see so many negative reviews on here. My experience with Dr. Carney has been great. Also, I must have been in a completely different waiting room, because I like the one they have. The staff there is very friendly.

I have been having health problems on and off for the past couple of years and finally got a full blood panel to see what exactly was wrong. Based on the results Dr. Carney recommended some diet and lifestyle changes to make along with a book she recommended I read. While the lifestyle changes were not easy to make overnight, they have helped make tremendous progress. I did not want to be put on pharmaceutical drugs and that didn't even come up as an option, thankfully. I feel much better now and am making more progress every day. Dr. Carney is a great listener, which is also rare among doctors who seem to usually just want to talk about 5x as much as they listen.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


She goes after the root cause!

Dr Carney is a fantastic doctor. She really cares about her patients wellbeing. She goes after the root cause of the issue rather than just prescribing something to cover up the symptoms. I highly recommend using her as your physician.

Austin, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp

She has tons of resources for her patients to learn from

These other reviews are appalling! I have recently started seeing Dr. Carney, and really like a Dr. that can give you the time of day. She has tons of resources for her patients to learn from, which means you can go ahead and do your own research and make the decisions.

Buda, TX - Posted 5 Star Review on Yelp.
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Thank you for my health overhaul!

Dr. Carney, Just a note to say thank you for your part in my health overhaul this year. I am not sure I would be where I am today without your guidance and support. Many times we don't say thanks for what we are grateful for. So, without ado... THANK YOU.


The best!

My husband and I travel full time around the country. In doing so we have seen doctors all over the country, and we routinely seek out the best doctors we can. While in Austin, I had to see a doctor about a health issue. Doctor Carney stayed open later in order to be able to see me and she took her time with me when I went to the office. I have never experienced doctor care like what Dr. Carney provides. She takes her time, she explains every thing in a way that is respectful and gives reasons for the various recommendations she makes. She is beyond kind and compassionate. And she approaches every thing from helping make better decisions about lifestyle first rather than just prescribing something for no reason. I've been to many doctors and doctors who are rated some of the best in the country, and I can say in all honesty that Dr. Carney is the best that I've seen.


The Comlete Idiots Guide to Plant Based Nutrition by Julleanna Hever,M.S., R.D., C.P.T.

I have committed to trying the plant based diet as recommended by Dr. Carney to improve my health! My daughter purchased the above book and I downloaded it from Amazon on my IPad! OMG... I have done more reading in the last 48 hrs than i have done in a long time! It has been a pure joy of learning! Today, for breakfast I tried one of the breakfast recipes. It was a Green Smoothie. I changed the flaxeeds (because I was out) to Chia seeds and I substituted Coconut water for the unsweetened almond milk. It was delicious and easy and I had more energy than usual. For lunch today, my daughter and I tried the Veggie Tofu Scramble without the tamari or nutritional yeast flakes (because I haven't bought them yet) and it was very tasty and filling! Thanks Dr. Carney for teaching me I'm not too old to learn!!!!


Then I went to see Dr. Carney.

I spent nearly two years battling an incredibly frustrating and disruptive skin issue. Whenever I'd 'break out', my face and body would be covered in burning, swollen hives, weeping natural moisture, leaving me dry and brittle once the hives subsided. My first doctor saw me multiple times over an 18 month period, and gave me new steroids and antihistamines each time, the combination which forced me to then take additional time off of work because I was so lethargic. She insisted I was allergic to sunlight, a pretty hefty diagnosis. I requested several times to get a dermatologist referral but she refused. Then I went to see Dr. Carney.

Though my first visit was very short, she got to the point. When I told her I was tired of taking meds that only knocked me out, didn't even relieve the symptoms tormenting me, she recommended a change in diet, one that would remove nearly all potential allergens. After less than 3 months on this restricted diet, I was able to determine the cause of my breakouts- my makeup. I now know what kinds of things to avoid, and am able to go out into the sun and enjoy summer activities without feeling like the unibomber, wrapped up in hoodies, dark glasses and hats.

The only reason I give only 4 stars is because they had excessive issues accepting my insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield isn't uncommon, yet their system couldn't make it work, so I had to pay cash up front until the problem was straightened out.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


This level of honesty is a rare gem in the medical industry

During my most recent appointment with Dr. Carney, I hit her with a barrage of tough questions regarding a diagnosis. I was quite taken back by her response. I am not used to physicians actually answering such questions. Typically, they are either dismissed or ignored. Without a blink, she proceeded to explain what she knew and what she did not know and why. She took extra time and answered every question openly and honestly in the level of detail requested. What was stand-out unique in her answer was her explanation of what she did not know. Dr. Carney's completely unhesitant willingness to admit that she does not know everything boosted my trust and confidence to an all-time high. This level of honesty is a rare gem in the medical industry.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp.


Truly a Life Saver!

Once upon a time many years ago on a warm Monday morning in June,
I met Doctor Linda K. Carney, MD. I wasn't feeling well and although my wife is a RN; after taking temps, pulse and blood pressure readings she knew there was something else not right. We didn't have a routine family primary care physician so we randomly selected Dr. Carney.
Dr. Carney immediately ordered staff to administer an EKG. She then asked me to sit in the waiting room. Moments later she said she had a cardiologist read the EKG, that she had already admitted me into the local hospital and had her car parked out front to personally drive me to the hospital. I was admitted and an angiogram was accomplished and determined I needed further treatment at a better equipped hospital. The next day I was transported by ambulance to another hospital where a angioplasty was performed with the insertion of two stents. Dr. Carney most likely saved my life. I later found out that she had previously worked in Emergency Medicine for several years.
Our family then adopted Dr. Carney as our Primary Healthcare Physician and we all could not be happier. She has provided us in-depth, up-to-date information on diseases, medications, dietary and lifestyle choices. Each and every visit with Dr. Carney was an event we looked forward to and learned more about common problems associated with Internal Medicine such as; obesity and smoking as related to potential cardiac disease, lung disease and diabetes. It was surprising to learn how imprtant physical exercise was to health.
Clearly, Doctor Carney reinforces the patients knowledge, motivates proper personal behavior and facilitates the removal of medical barriers to total wellness. She allows patients to make positive choices about their health, education and self-controlled lifestyle. One of Dr. Carney's key traits is that she listens very carefully to the patient's personal conerns prior to reaching a thoughtful diagnosis. Because of the time spent with Dr. Carney, our personal health remains better and stable because of the education and guidance she provided. I am 78 years young.
Yes, Doctor Linda K. Carney, MD is truly a life saver!

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Very Refreshing. Actually Listens

I know Dr. Carney from the time i spent in Austin, TX, very professional and always listen to what i have to say. I got so tired of doctors telling me i'm sick because i'm overweight. It's very refreshing to finally have a doctor like Dr. Carney that actually listens and goes out of her to make sure you are comfortable and understand what your body is trying to tell you. Excellent Dr. and i'm happy and lucky to have found here.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Wants you to be the healthiest you can possibly be

Dr. Linda Carney has been a great influence in my current lifestyle. I originally began my journey to veganism with the Engine 2 Diet and was stunned to find out the medical director (yes, Dr. Linda Carney!) was so close to my home. I immediately booked an appointment to see her and she visited with me in depth for nearly 45 minutes.

During that initial appointment, she answered any questions I had, asked if I had any concerns about my current diet and spent the time to show me a few great resources that she has available to her patients. This includes a treadmill on-site, a large DVD collection of information nutritional information and several different copies of great books on plant-based research.

Once I had my bloodwork results back, she sat with me again for another 30 or so minutes to discuss all of my numbers, how we can improve them and asked if I was struggling with anything (as far as cravings go!). After addressing a few of my questions, I was happy to hear her enthusiasm and excitement over my progress I had made under her care.

Dr. Linda Carney is a true dedicated doctor that only wants you to be the healthiest you can possibly be. She is a great supporter in reaching whatever goals you may have and can truly inspire and encourage you to reach those goals the right way. I've recommended her to several close friends and even family.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


You calm my soul

Dr. Carney and Staff, You guys are the greatest: This is the first time that I feel that I am being really cared for as a whole person, and Dr. Carney you calm my soul when I am in your presence. Please never change. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and may God bless you for your healing work.



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