Dr. Carney travels to give a variety of life-improving seminars.


I am 56 years old and four months ago was diagnosed with "chronic microvascular ischemic changes" and atherosclerosis. As my internist recommended 81 mg aspirin she told me that she usually had our kind of conversation with patients 20 years older than me! I was quite chagrined because I have been a vegan vegetarian more than 25 years, am slightly below normal weight, have normal cholesterol, no diabetes and exercise an hour a day. Why me? What more could I do?

Recently Dr. Carney visited our community and did a four-lecture series on health. She addressed my condition in her first night's talk and I discovered there IS more I can do! She cited research that reveals at least two things I can do to stop and even reverse my current condition! I am thrilled that there are further lifestyle changes I can make to have a positive impact on this dire diagnosis. I made these changes and within a week began noticing a difference! By God's grace I will continue on a path to even better health. Thank you Dr. Carney for revealing to me the missing links in my lifestyle program.



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