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Dr. Carney travels to give a variety of life-improving seminars.

A Doctor One Can Trust...

Dr. Carney has always been very passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge and wisdom about medicine (preventive & treatments), she's one of a few doctors I trust when it comes to my health questions; You can trust her too...


Absolutely Wonderful

Dr. Carney and her staff are absolutely wonderful. This is the first doctor that I have felt truly wants to help people. I feel comfortable talking to her and highly recommend her.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Cares about your well being

I am 61 years old and had been a patient of dr. carney's for about 3 years when I moved to a city about 70 miles away. I miss her and wish I could still have her as my primary physician. I have read the comments posted here and decided that I should give my point of view. I have had many doctors over the past 61 years. I found Dr. Linda Carney to be the most empathetic and caring physician of all of them. True, she may be late for her appointment with you from time to time, BUT she always gave me the time I needed when she got to me and apologized greatly for my wait. I can understand one wanting to be seen when their appointment is due, BUT, if I was really sick and needed help I would want my doctor to take the time necessary to help me -- that is what she does. Yes, she is religious and she is vegan. She does not force her standard of living on anybody. She just tells her patient what she thinks is necessary for one to get well. Yes they play religious music on the TV in the waiting room, and Dr. Carney is obviously believes in God. First, the music is played very low and the melody and scenery on the TV is very peaceful and soothing. I much prefer it to other types of media. Also, it is instrumental and not voices, so it really doesn't matter if it is religious or otherwise to me. I happen to also believe in God, so I am happy that she does to. In fact, I would bet that Dr. Carney prays for her patients every day. I can use all the help and I can get! Bottom line: If you want a Doctor that cares about your well being, she is Great. I have had a few minor billing (insurance) problems, but her office has always handled them in a caring manner. I highly recommend Dr. Linda Carney for whatever ails you.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Comfort and Care

Dr. Carney is one of the few physicians that I consider it a privilege to visit. She always has shown a genuine concern and compassion in everything she does. A positive light in not only the medical field but in the community as a whole, she is a driving force of happiness. The staff members are also infused with the same character as Dr. Carney; each has shown courtesy and compassion. I would recommend Dr. Carney and her staff to everyone.


Deeply and Truly Caring!

I had the pleasure of being under Dr. Carney's care last year while in Austin. I have never before met a physician who so deeply and truly cared for her patients, taking the time to understand the issues and not just wanting to get you in and out with a bottle of pills. I wish i lived in Austin so that she could be my full time doctor!

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Dr. Carney and her staff are top notch

Well here I go again, I just wrote a new review of Dr. Carney and it has disappeared into limbo.I just want to start by apologizing to Dr. Carney and her staff for the mean and untrue statements I had said in my former review. I was in pain and totally fed up with the whole medical establishment. I had been mislead and lied to by another person at my Orthopedic Dr.. Long story short, I broke my foot and went to Tex Med Clinic because I knew they had X-ray machines and I was pretty sure my foot was broke. They were great there and gave me a referral to an orthopedic surgeon to make sure I did not need surgery. My visit with Dr. Hassan was pleasant and he gave me the choice of getting a plaster cast or going with an orthopedic boot so I could bathe. I chose that one of course. I had received pain medicines at the Tex Med Clinic and when I ran out and needed a re-fill they said I needed to call my Orthopedic Dr. to obtain futher pain meds being that he was the one taking care of my foot. I called there and was put through to the nurses phone line and left a detailed message. I waited all day to hear back, finally late that afternoon I called the practice again to see if she had gotten my message. I talked to the receptionist and explained my situation. She told me straight up that Dr. Hassan did not prescribe pain medicine and that I could have the pharmacy fax over the refill request but that it would be denied. I was very confused being that he is a surgeon and did not prescribe pain meds? I asked her what I was supposed to do she said " That's not my problem". I hung up in tears and confusion. I then decided to call my Primary Physician Dr. Linda Carney. It was by then 4:00 in the afternoon. The receptionist was very pleasant and told me to come right in. How many Dr.'s would see you that fast even though it was an hour before closing. That is one of the wonder-full things about Dr. Carney, if you are her pt. she will take care of you. I explained to her what I had been told by the receptionist at Dr. Hassan's practice, she was as confused as me. She told me that she was worried about my liver functions being that I had taken alot of the medicine, and that the Tylenol in that could hurt you. She did not give me pain medicine that day and I think that is why I wrote the bad review, I was in so much pain and could not get any relief from my Dr.s, Dr. Carney told me to come in the next morning and give blood for labs, so she could check my liver. I went, and she gave me a prescription for pain, I thought it was not quite enough to handle the pain I was in, but it was better than nothing. I want to apologize for the things I said about her and the staff. They have been nothing but nice to me, and always helpful and friendly. Dr. Carney is a very caring Dr., and while I am not the ideal pt. to have, she has put up with me and for that I am grateful. I would recommend her highly if you want a Dr. that truly cares about your health and will try and get you to follow her advice. I think where we have Knocked heads the most is diet. I am not vegan nor vegetarian and I don't want to be. I respect her opinions, and I hope that from this day forward she will respect mine. Dr. Carney and her staff are top notch and once again I aplogize for my statements.They were said in frustration that had nothing to do with her practice. Buda finally has a wonderful female doctor and anyone raeading this should call her if you need a Primary Dr. she is wonderful as is her staff.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Dr. Carney and staff are great!

Dr. Carney has definitely changed my opinion of doctors and the health care profession. Until just recently, I have been averse to going to the doctor for anything. However, I just moved to Austin and needed my blood pressure and cholesterol meds refilled and just happened to contact Dr. Carney's office (in my insurance network). I was able to get in fairly quickly and she reviewed my family history and the meds I was on and was reluctant to refill my meds without doing a complete workup on me. I agreed to all that she did because it was so vitally necessary given my family history and the diseases they were afflicted with. She is a doctor that believes in educating and resolving medical issues at the root of the problems instead of just treating symptoms. She has worked with me to change my diet and to live a healthier lifestyle and for that I am truly grateful! I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone interested in finding a doctor who genuinely cares for the patients' health and well-being.


Dr. Carney is a fantastic Doctor

Yelp keeps taking down good reviews for Dr. Carney - it is frustrating they are only leaving up a few bad reviews, because I know MANY people who have now left reviews - and they are now gone. Dr. Carney is a fantastic Doctor, caring, patient and really tries to actually help you reverse conditions rather than just prescribe and have you leave. If you are interested in getting better - go to Dr. Carney, if you are interested in prolonging your suffering with lots of medication, that end up doing nothing - find a minute clinic or another place that won't care as much. My husband and I both trust Dr. Carney a lot and appreciate that she is one of the few doctors left who are interested in healing not in making tons of money from prescribing and letting people go with out any real help.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Extremely thorough. One of the better ones.

Although I have never sought care from Dr. Carney, I have interacted with her several times on a professional level. As a professional in the health care industry and one who has interacted with 100's of primary care providers, I can say, without doubt, that Dr. Carney is one of the better ones. Why? Because she is extremely thorough... her practice, managed by her husband, Sean, is well organized and the staff are well-trained and extremely pleasant. I am sometimes disturbed by some of the PCP practices I visit... unorganized, terrible staff and, more often than not, the doctors are more concerned about volume and reimbursements than truly understanding their patients' needs. Dr. Carney and Sean are good people and they both genuinely care about the well-being of their patients. It is so rare to be able to say that in this day and age. Buda/Kyle/South Austin is extremely lucky to have such a great provider.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Far beyond the traditional call of duty!

I posted a review of Dr. Carney after my second visit on 7/19/2013 and gave her five stars. New insight gained since that time suggests an update is in order. What I have come to realize is that until meeting Dr. Carney, I had never actually witnessed a "real" doctor or even considered the concept. Previously, I would have considered the concept, as I now understand it, something of a fantasy or movie character. Every previous doctor I have known, even ones with excellent "bed-side-manner", is all about profession.

I believe a real doctor is one who passionately devotes their life to the health and well-being of others and is not limited by profession, establishment, standard procedure or thinking "inside the box". A real doctor cares for people with eyes-wide-open instead of blindly writing prescriptions per pharmaceutical marketing. A real doctor seeks out the root cause, instead of masking the condition with treatment and drugs.

I have witnessed Dr. Carney caring for patients (including myself) far beyond the traditional call of duty. Examples include extended office visits, house calls and educating patients about the cause, prevention and cure of chronic diseases. I have witnessed her crash-course educating herself on subjects outside her field of medicine and curing patients (including myself) where numerous specialists have all failed.

It appears that the negative reviews stem from the desire and familiarity of conventional treatment as this requires the least effort on the patient's part. An overwhelmingly high percentage of health issues, however, are due to lifestyle and many people are offended to hear that their lifestyle is degrading their life and making them sick.

With no actual comparison to any character, Dr. Carney's practice reminds me of what I take away from the movies "Doc Hollywood" and "Patch Adams": the vision of a highly attentive doctor with real experience coupled with a love for their patients as if they were their own family.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp.

From the heart...

Dr. Carney is serious about teaching patients to save their lives! So, if you are finally serious about taking charge of your health, you must enlist her help in your endeavor. Never, in 58 years, have I had such a thorough, informative, satisfying experience in a doctor's office. She has addressed all my issues including cardiac, diet and pain management wholeheartedly and now has me back on the path to lifelong vigor. Enough to keep up with my grand-kids, at least. She has even convinced my "meat and potatoes" husband of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle! Your search for a competent and concerned doctor who administers professional yet personal care should end with Dr. Linda Carney. But, be fully prepared to follow the doctor's orders and she'll bless your heart like she has mine.


Going the extra mile!

Dr. Carney is truly a caring, concerned doctor. I first went to her for some digestion issues that I was having. She worked with me over several visits and with various symptoms until she was able to help me identify the root of my symptoms. I am now feeling much better and no longer have the worries that were starting to weigh on me. She and her staff are wonderful!


I appreciate that she gave us "tough love" about the choices were were making.

I'm confused by the negativity as well -- my husband and I love Dr. Carney. We are very grateful that she helped rein in my husband's high cholesterol through dietary changes, and I appreciate that she gave us "tough love" about the choices were were making. It's not always easy to hear, but definitely necessary and we are much better off for it! So few doctors are knowledgeable about or willing to discuss nutrition with patients, and I am so glad Dr. Carney takes that approach.

She offers a lot of information and is very thorough, which I'm sure can seem overwhelming, but I've never felt rushed, ignored, or left with unanswered questions. I also like that she offers non-drug treatment options when appropriate, as I prefer to save medication and antibiotics for when I truly need them.

We have always had great experiences with the staff, and we've been able to get last-minute appointments easily. As others have mentioned, there are religious decorations and reading materials in the office, but despite being initially weirded out by it, I have found that they exist solely in the background (and religion has certainly never come up during a visit).

The Airrosti practice that she partners with has been nothing but top-notch as well, and they have treated us both for numerous acute and chronic injuries.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I can't thank Dr. Carney enough for empowering me...

If you want a pill to fix what ails you, Dr. Carney probably isn't the doctor for you. If you want someone who will help you truly improve your health, then I highly recommend her. I'll admit to being highly skeptical of all the diet changes that Dr. Carney recommended, but the results speak for themselves. She explained that part of my problem is probably genetics since even my 40-year-old sister has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But I followed her advice, changed my diet and lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol in just months without medication. Plus, I dropped 20 pounds without even trying! I'm still not 100% where I want to be on my diet (that's code for I still cheat too much), but I continue to get better and better. I can't thank Dr. Carney enough for empowering me to take control of my health.

Yes, she often runs behind schedule. But that's because she takes so much time with each patient. I can't imagine someone who cares more about her patients.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I Get Better and Better

Dr. Carney has been the only provider who has ever taken on the responsibility of helping me to manage my care and my health! While I have sometimes had a hard time accepting the hard truth that she has delivered, under her guidance I have strengthened my immune system, ended the chronic annual 4 sinus infections that have plagued me for years, narrowly missed a cardiac event because of her vigilance and adamancy that I not ignore that funny little tingling in my left hand, and lost weight.

Giving up animal products has not been hard, although I still struggle to change my cooking habits and know what to fix for myself and my family. As a life time carnivore I can readily acknowledge that accepting a vegan diet is at the heart of the solution to my improved health. Introduction to appropriate reading materials through Dr. Carney's library has helped me intellectually to understand the negative role of lifelong habits on my health and accept the need to change them. To say that Dr. Carney and her team have saved my life would be an understatement. When I follow her direction I get better and better rather than older and older.


I Rate Dr. Carney 10 Stars!

Dr. Carney is one of the most dedicated physicians I know. She cares about the whole person--physical, mental, and spiritual health. Her kind, gentle, and unhurried bedside manner makes her easy to talk with. She also knows her stuff! She seeks to find the source of the problem--not just slap a band-aid on it like so many other physicians. I can't believe some of the negative reviews I've read, but I rate Dr. Carney 10 stars. If you seek overall health or a solution to a medical problem, Dr. Carney is absolutely great!

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


I really like the care I'm receiving from her

I'm puzzled by some of the negative reviews of Dr. Carney. I've had three visits with her so far and have found her to be punctual, knowledgeable, caring and not at all offensive--and I don't consider myself "religious." She has spent quite a lot of time with me, explaining what's going on with my condition, reviewing every finding in my diagnostic test reports (CT scan, ultrasound, blood work, etc.). I've left every appointment with her with a very detailed summary of what was discussed at the appointment, what to do when I get home, how to take the medications she has prescribed, and her suggestions regarding what else I can do--other than take prescribed medication--to improve my health. When I message her through her patient portal, she (not an assistant) responds to me. I'm 61, was quite ill when I first consulted her, and I've seen many other physicians in my life. In short, I'm a pretty experienced healthcare consumer, unfortunately. I really like the care I'm receiving from her, and my condition is improving daily with her guidance. I concede that if you are someone who wants to just walk in and out of a doctor's office with a handful of prescriptions and not be informed about lifestyle steps you could take to improve your health, then Dr. Carney may not be right for you.

San Antonio, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp

If I could give Dr. Linda Carney (and staff!) 10 stars I would!

Dr. Carney is truly a gift to this earth. She is what doctors should be and need to be!

I don't know if there are enough characters to allow me to express just what an incredible doctor Dr. Carney is.

I first learned of Dr. Carney after I saw her husband speak on her behalf at a pot luck. Dr. Carney's husband talked about her approach to treating patients using a preventative care method rather then a treat the problem after it has already occurred sort of way.

That resonated with me big time! I care about myself, the environment and animals so naturally I eat a Vegan diet and had done so for nearly 20 years. Dr. Carney promotes eating this way in lieu of the cholesterol/saturated fat laden Standard American Diet aka SAD.

I thought it would be awesome to have a Vegan doctor little did I realize that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to just how amazing Dr. Carney is.

She is truly an educator. And when I say that please don't groan and think "oh she is gonna talk my ear off about going Vegan etc", what I mean by educator is that she explains to you so much about your body and how it works.

She teaches you how different foods/ingredients effect your body. What vitamins and minerals your body needs and why. Each and every test she does she tells you in depth and in terms that anyone can understand just exactly what she is looking for and why.

Dr. Carney shared with me a story of a patient who came into the ER (before she started her private practice) and he had just had a heart attack. She asked him if his primary care doctor had ever told him how to prevent a heart attack in the first place to which he responds no.

That is one of the many things that inspired her to start her own practice and run it the way that she does. Dr. Carney offers patients so much GREAT information as to how they can take control of their health and prevent so many illnesses (like heart attacks) from happening in the first place.

Before becoming a patient of Dr. Carney's I had no idea that I had been receiving sub-par care from prior primary care doctors! 10 - 15 minutes with a doctor is typically all the time you get. Not Dr. Carney! She has skipped lunch just to make time for patients and to make sure she does her job to the fullest extent possible!

And to Justin P. who says she "over reaches her role as a GP", I believe other doctors UNDER reach their roles and do the bare minimum!

Granted I can not attest to her lack of tolerance for non-Vegans because I am one however I can only assume that since she is (or probably was at this point) your doctor that she just wants you to be as healthy as humanly possible so obviously she is going to recommend the healthiest lifestyle choices to you!

If you smoked crack, I am willing to bet she would advise you to cut that out of your diet as well!

But that is neither here nor there!

Dr. Carney is an amazing doctor who does things a whole heck of a lot different then most doctors these days and it is a welcome change!

If you have the chance to have this woman as your doctor I can not recommend it enough! She is worth the drive (I drive an hour just to see her!) and I am truly grateful to have Dr. Carney as my doctor and you will be too!

Pflugerville, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


If you want to heal and reverse your illness

I really don't know how anyone could rate Dr. Carney as anything but 5 stars - unless they do not like that she gives real advice and doesn't push pills to solve medical issues. We travel full time and have been to many doctors around the country, and she is by far the best. If you want to heal and reverse your illness, go to Dr. Carney, follow her advice. If you want someone to push pills - go somewhere else. She opened her office up just to see me, took time past office hours to make sure I was ok and was kind and considerate. This sadly means that people won't like her, as most people have become used to dr's who see you for 10 minutes and prescribe something. She is definitely worth going to, especially if you want a real answer.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Knowledgeable About Nutrition

Hi everyone, I am new to this group (but not new to veganism). My primary care doctor, Dr. Linda Carney, is fantastic, although unfortunately her office is in Buda. Since I live in south Austin, it really isn't that bad of a drive for me, and since I never get sick, I only need to go once a year for check-ups. What I like about Dr. Carney is that she is vegan and promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle to her patients and she seems to be very interested in-and knowledgeable about-nutrition (and her office is full of books on vegan nutrition). She is also very nice and seems genuinely interested in her patients (I haven't had that experience with all doctors).

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Knowledgeable and Caring!

Dr. Carney was considerate and caring enough to see me on a Friday afternoon when I had complications after surgery done by another physician. If she and her staff had not cared enough to take me in without an appointment and after hours, I would have ended up in the ER, I'm sure. I am forever grateful that she recognized my problem and prevented it from worsening over the weekend and perhaps turning into something major. They even followed up Monday morning to see if I was still doing well. My surgeon did not. She and her staff are very concerned about their patients' health, easy to talk to, sympathetic, always willing to help and extremely knowledgeable!

Thanks, Dr. Carney!


Not Cookie Cutter Medicine

I was introduced to Dr. Carney last fall and was instantly taken with her kindness and caring. My roommate was having a difficult time managing a specific medical problem, and Dr. Carney spent quite a bit of time with her, making sure things improved. I would recommend Dr. Carney to anyone in the area who is looking for something other than cookie-cutter medicine.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


She goes after the root cause!

Dr Carney is a fantastic doctor. She really cares about her patients wellbeing. She goes after the root cause of the issue rather than just prescribing something to cover up the symptoms. I highly recommend using her as your physician.

Austin, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp

She listens to all my concerns

I have been a patient of Dr. Carney's for more than a year. She is a very conscientious physician. She is very thorough in her examinations. Having an onsite lab collection point is very convenient as well. She listens to all my concerns, answers all my questions & she them comes up with a care plan. The entire staff is very kind & professional.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Simply the Best!

I have had the good fortune to have Dr Carney as my doctor for the last few years. Having spent thirty seven years flying airplanes, with the requisite flight physicals every six months along with the normal physical procedures along the way, I have had the opportunity to experience the approaches and expertise of many doctors, both military and civilian. Dr Carney, put simply, is the best of the lot. She truly cares, has the curious,agile mind which causes her to stay abreast of the latest info and technologies and is a tremendous motivator to all of us to live the healthy lifestyle. You truly come to think of Dr Carney as a teammate, an MVP in our attempts to live the life we all desire. Her practice was selected as THE example of efficiency in the recent presentations by the Federal agency encouraging digitized medical records.

Thanks, Dr Carney, for attempting to convince us all to be as good a patient as you are a doctor.


Thank you for my health overhaul!

Dr. Carney, Just a note to say thank you for your part in my health overhaul this year. I am not sure I would be where I am today without your guidance and support. Many times we don't say thanks for what we are grateful for. So, without ado... THANK YOU.


The Best Physician

Linda Carney, MD is by far the best physician to be on my team. Her care is thorough, her visits are not rushed, and she is very easy to talk to. She is detailed in explanations of lab reports, medical history, or suggested treatments. She listens to my concerns and patiently offers suggestions to improve my lifestyle. She is comfortable in researching and suggesting many different modes of treatment that are best suited for me and she does it gently; with great deal of respect for my feelings. She is very futuristic in her holistic approach to medical care making her the doctor everyone would want to have.

I was looking for this type of physician for the last 7 years and I am extremely glad that she accepted me as her patient.

However, no matter how good is the physician the medical and clerical support staff will either make it a pleasant visit or not. Her staff is knowledgeable, never making a billing error, and very pleasant to deal with either in person or by phone.

On a final note: I highly recommend Linda Carney, MD as a Physician.


The best!

My husband and I travel full time around the country. In doing so we have seen doctors all over the country, and we routinely seek out the best doctors we can. While in Austin, I had to see a doctor about a health issue. Doctor Carney stayed open later in order to be able to see me and she took her time with me when I went to the office. I have never experienced doctor care like what Dr. Carney provides. She takes her time, she explains every thing in a way that is respectful and gives reasons for the various recommendations she makes. She is beyond kind and compassionate. And she approaches every thing from helping make better decisions about lifestyle first rather than just prescribing something for no reason. I've been to many doctors and doctors who are rated some of the best in the country, and I can say in all honesty that Dr. Carney is the best that I've seen.


the hot flashes, bloating and irritability have left me

I started seeing Dr. carney a couple of months ago. I am a good Texas girl that ate tons of meat, lots of dairy and thought that my life would come to an end if I had to give up either. After searching my soul and listening to my body, on top of opening my heart to the ethical reasons to give up meat and animal products I decided to give the vegetarian life a try. Now, I am what I would call vegan-ish. Im trying, and having a cheerleader like Dr. Carney has made a big difference.

I find her bedside manner to be extraordinary. She takes her time, listens to you and gives you tons of free advice and information. She is one of a kind! I never feel rushed, always feel cared for, and in a world of hypermedia and insincere people, I think that she is one spectacular Doctor. I don't have a ton of things wrong with me, but I am in early-forced menopause at 39, and after listening to her and heeding her advice, the hot flashes, bloating and irritability have left me.

Her waiting room is peaceful and tidy. Actually, I find myself not wanting to turn my phone on and text! I just want to take in the surroundings. Honestly, I think that it is part of what makes her office so special.

There are some great resources that are available to you for fee as well, but how many self help books have I bought in the past. The books and info that she has are first rate and very good. She has never made me feel guilty for saying no to any of them. She does not push, she only informs. My goal is to be healthier, to feel better and to get off the pills. With Dr. Carneys help, that is happening.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp

Thorough and Caring, Life Changing Treatment

Dr. Carney is truly in medicine as an act of love. She listens and gently gives caring advice that helps her patients live a healthier lifestyle. She does not just treat the symptoms of whatever is currently a health problem, but shares her vast knowledge in language the patient can understand, to promote healthy living.

I came away from visits with lifestyle information that I am convinced will help me be stronger, live longer, and enjoy the outdoor activity that is now a part of my life in California (on the beach and with my new grand daughter). I feel like I have been given the gift of time and energy for so much that I would have missed out on with a less healthy approach to my own care. I will be able to enjoy so much now that I have her words of wisdom on health care.

I envy her patients in Texas that get to keep her as their physician in the future! :o)3


Truly a Life Saver!

Once upon a time many years ago on a warm Monday morning in June,
I met Doctor Linda K. Carney, MD. I wasn't feeling well and although my wife is a RN; after taking temps, pulse and blood pressure readings she knew there was something else not right. We didn't have a routine family primary care physician so we randomly selected Dr. Carney.
Dr. Carney immediately ordered staff to administer an EKG. She then asked me to sit in the waiting room. Moments later she said she had a cardiologist read the EKG, that she had already admitted me into the local hospital and had her car parked out front to personally drive me to the hospital. I was admitted and an angiogram was accomplished and determined I needed further treatment at a better equipped hospital. The next day I was transported by ambulance to another hospital where a angioplasty was performed with the insertion of two stents. Dr. Carney most likely saved my life. I later found out that she had previously worked in Emergency Medicine for several years.
Our family then adopted Dr. Carney as our Primary Healthcare Physician and we all could not be happier. She has provided us in-depth, up-to-date information on diseases, medications, dietary and lifestyle choices. Each and every visit with Dr. Carney was an event we looked forward to and learned more about common problems associated with Internal Medicine such as; obesity and smoking as related to potential cardiac disease, lung disease and diabetes. It was surprising to learn how imprtant physical exercise was to health.
Clearly, Doctor Carney reinforces the patients knowledge, motivates proper personal behavior and facilitates the removal of medical barriers to total wellness. She allows patients to make positive choices about their health, education and self-controlled lifestyle. One of Dr. Carney's key traits is that she listens very carefully to the patient's personal conerns prior to reaching a thoughtful diagnosis. Because of the time spent with Dr. Carney, our personal health remains better and stable because of the education and guidance she provided. I am 78 years young.
Yes, Doctor Linda K. Carney, MD is truly a life saver!

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Truly Cares!

A great doctor that truly cares about her patients!

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Very Refreshing. Actually Listens

I know Dr. Carney from the time i spent in Austin, TX, very professional and always listen to what i have to say. I got so tired of doctors telling me i'm sick because i'm overweight. It's very refreshing to finally have a doctor like Dr. Carney that actually listens and goes out of her to make sure you are comfortable and understand what your body is trying to tell you. Excellent Dr. and i'm happy and lucky to have found here.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Wants you to be the healthiest you can possibly be

Dr. Linda Carney has been a great influence in my current lifestyle. I originally began my journey to veganism with the Engine 2 Diet and was stunned to find out the medical director (yes, Dr. Linda Carney!) was so close to my home. I immediately booked an appointment to see her and she visited with me in depth for nearly 45 minutes.

During that initial appointment, she answered any questions I had, asked if I had any concerns about my current diet and spent the time to show me a few great resources that she has available to her patients. This includes a treadmill on-site, a large DVD collection of information nutritional information and several different copies of great books on plant-based research.

Once I had my bloodwork results back, she sat with me again for another 30 or so minutes to discuss all of my numbers, how we can improve them and asked if I was struggling with anything (as far as cravings go!). After addressing a few of my questions, I was happy to hear her enthusiasm and excitement over my progress I had made under her care.

Dr. Linda Carney is a true dedicated doctor that only wants you to be the healthiest you can possibly be. She is a great supporter in reaching whatever goals you may have and can truly inspire and encourage you to reach those goals the right way. I've recommended her to several close friends and even family.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


You calm my soul

Dr. Carney and Staff, You guys are the greatest: This is the first time that I feel that I am being really cared for as a whole person, and Dr. Carney you calm my soul when I am in your presence. Please never change. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and may God bless you for your healing work.


You know you are in Good Hands

Dr. Linda is kind and compassionate, when you meet her you know you are in good hands! She actually took time to listen, which is rare in doctors today.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp



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