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Dr. Carney travels to give a variety of life-improving seminars.

Comfort and Care

Dr. Carney is one of the few physicians that I consider it a privilege to visit. She always has shown a genuine concern and compassion in everything she does. A positive light in not only the medical field but in the community as a whole, she is a driving force of happiness. The staff members are also infused with the same character as Dr. Carney; each has shown courtesy and compassion. I would recommend Dr. Carney and her staff to everyone.


Dr. Carney and her staff are top notch

Well here I go again, I just wrote a new review of Dr. Carney and it has disappeared into limbo.I just want to start by apologizing to Dr. Carney and her staff for the mean and untrue statements I had said in my former review. I was in pain and totally fed up with the whole medical establishment. I had been mislead and lied to by another person at my Orthopedic Dr.. Long story short, I broke my foot and went to Tex Med Clinic because I knew they had X-ray machines and I was pretty sure my foot was broke. They were great there and gave me a referral to an orthopedic surgeon to make sure I did not need surgery. My visit with Dr. Hassan was pleasant and he gave me the choice of getting a plaster cast or going with an orthopedic boot so I could bathe. I chose that one of course. I had received pain medicines at the Tex Med Clinic and when I ran out and needed a re-fill they said I needed to call my Orthopedic Dr. to obtain futher pain meds being that he was the one taking care of my foot. I called there and was put through to the nurses phone line and left a detailed message. I waited all day to hear back, finally late that afternoon I called the practice again to see if she had gotten my message. I talked to the receptionist and explained my situation. She told me straight up that Dr. Hassan did not prescribe pain medicine and that I could have the pharmacy fax over the refill request but that it would be denied. I was very confused being that he is a surgeon and did not prescribe pain meds? I asked her what I was supposed to do she said " That's not my problem". I hung up in tears and confusion. I then decided to call my Primary Physician Dr. Linda Carney. It was by then 4:00 in the afternoon. The receptionist was very pleasant and told me to come right in. How many Dr.'s would see you that fast even though it was an hour before closing. That is one of the wonder-full things about Dr. Carney, if you are her pt. she will take care of you. I explained to her what I had been told by the receptionist at Dr. Hassan's practice, she was as confused as me. She told me that she was worried about my liver functions being that I had taken alot of the medicine, and that the Tylenol in that could hurt you. She did not give me pain medicine that day and I think that is why I wrote the bad review, I was in so much pain and could not get any relief from my Dr.s, Dr. Carney told me to come in the next morning and give blood for labs, so she could check my liver. I went, and she gave me a prescription for pain, I thought it was not quite enough to handle the pain I was in, but it was better than nothing. I want to apologize for the things I said about her and the staff. They have been nothing but nice to me, and always helpful and friendly. Dr. Carney is a very caring Dr., and while I am not the ideal pt. to have, she has put up with me and for that I am grateful. I would recommend her highly if you want a Dr. that truly cares about your health and will try and get you to follow her advice. I think where we have Knocked heads the most is diet. I am not vegan nor vegetarian and I don't want to be. I respect her opinions, and I hope that from this day forward she will respect mine. Dr. Carney and her staff are top notch and once again I aplogize for my statements.They were said in frustration that had nothing to do with her practice. Buda finally has a wonderful female doctor and anyone raeading this should call her if you need a Primary Dr. she is wonderful as is her staff.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Going the extra mile!

Dr. Carney is truly a caring, concerned doctor. I first went to her for some digestion issues that I was having. She worked with me over several visits and with various symptoms until she was able to help me identify the root of my symptoms. I am now feeling much better and no longer have the worries that were starting to weigh on me. She and her staff are wonderful!


Knowledgeable and Caring!

Dr. Carney was considerate and caring enough to see me on a Friday afternoon when I had complications after surgery done by another physician. If she and her staff had not cared enough to take me in without an appointment and after hours, I would have ended up in the ER, I'm sure. I am forever grateful that she recognized my problem and prevented it from worsening over the weekend and perhaps turning into something major. They even followed up Monday morning to see if I was still doing well. My surgeon did not. She and her staff are very concerned about their patients' health, easy to talk to, sympathetic, always willing to help and extremely knowledgeable!

Thanks, Dr. Carney!


She listens to all my concerns

I have been a patient of Dr. Carney's for more than a year. She is a very conscientious physician. She is very thorough in her examinations. Having an onsite lab collection point is very convenient as well. She listens to all my concerns, answers all my questions & she them comes up with a care plan. The entire staff is very kind & professional.

Buda, TX - 5 Star Review on Yelp


Simply the Best!

I have had the good fortune to have Dr Carney as my doctor for the last few years. Having spent thirty seven years flying airplanes, with the requisite flight physicals every six months along with the normal physical procedures along the way, I have had the opportunity to experience the approaches and expertise of many doctors, both military and civilian. Dr Carney, put simply, is the best of the lot. She truly cares, has the curious,agile mind which causes her to stay abreast of the latest info and technologies and is a tremendous motivator to all of us to live the healthy lifestyle. You truly come to think of Dr Carney as a teammate, an MVP in our attempts to live the life we all desire. Her practice was selected as THE example of efficiency in the recent presentations by the Federal agency encouraging digitized medical records.

Thanks, Dr Carney, for attempting to convince us all to be as good a patient as you are a doctor.


The Best Physician

Linda Carney, MD is by far the best physician to be on my team. Her care is thorough, her visits are not rushed, and she is very easy to talk to. She is detailed in explanations of lab reports, medical history, or suggested treatments. She listens to my concerns and patiently offers suggestions to improve my lifestyle. She is comfortable in researching and suggesting many different modes of treatment that are best suited for me and she does it gently; with great deal of respect for my feelings. She is very futuristic in her holistic approach to medical care making her the doctor everyone would want to have.

I was looking for this type of physician for the last 7 years and I am extremely glad that she accepted me as her patient.

However, no matter how good is the physician the medical and clerical support staff will either make it a pleasant visit or not. Her staff is knowledgeable, never making a billing error, and very pleasant to deal with either in person or by phone.

On a final note: I highly recommend Linda Carney, MD as a Physician.


You calm my soul

Dr. Carney and Staff, You guys are the greatest: This is the first time that I feel that I am being really cared for as a whole person, and Dr. Carney you calm my soul when I am in your presence. Please never change. I wish you all a blessed Christmas and may God bless you for your healing work.



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